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OneListener Uses




Brand Tuning Changes channels. Allows the viewer to select by saying the name of a brand or a desired network.

"Channel 4", "PBS", "HBO"

Content Class Tuning Changes media. Selects options by type, independent of the source.

"Movies", "Sports", or one of hundreds of genre classification names, such as "International Soccer"

Content Brand Cueing Changes programs. Selects by brand name or nickname of the content desired, independent of provider.

"West Wing", "Steelers vs. the Giants" or "Music Choice"

Infrastructure Control, Configuration Controls devices, such as VCRs, DVD, CD players. Voice commands activate smart remote control buttons, driving as many devices and functions as needed.

"Power on" turns on every device required, in the right sequence and with the right configuration settings

Critical Data Search Finds information. Scans large volumes of data to seek, analyze, and report to the viewer.

"When do the playoffs start?"
"Is school cancelled due to weather?"

Advertiser Directed Tuning Spot advertising. Direct response fulfillment vehicles for products and services selected by the viewer.

"Show me more" response to a spot voice-over tag displays a showcased product, returning to the content being watched previously

Interactive Catalogue Browsing Enables shopping. Integration of voice activation, short-clip video-on-demand, and electronic commerce.

"Shop for Revlon, eye pencil, medium-brown"



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