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Digital Entertainment - A Time of Challenge

Proposition As a new consumer premise technology, OneListener presents a way for television viewers to use voice commands to navigate the increasingly-complex array of options offered by new service platforms.
Background For the last ten years consumers have been promised and getting more and more services over their digital entertainment networks. Not just more channels, but advanced services such as VOD, music on-demand, and interactive commerce. The problem is that more channels mean more complexity. People want to find and access what they want, but existing electronic program guides were designed when times were simpler.
New Digital Platforms The latest set-top boxes have only made this problem worse. The EPG has become an interactive program guide (IPG), each entry jammed with valuable information about programs and services. Lineups too have evolved so that the same program can be available at separate times, across different channels. But the interface to the IPG is suitable only for a channel line-up of 70 or fewer options, and remains hard to use.   As a result, many viewers simply give up.
Consumer Behavior Patterns Viewers respond in several ways. According to a major researcher of trends in television viewing they exhaustively surf the channels, then settle on a surprisingly small number of favorites: between four and seven. Before long, they often decide an expensive digital service is not worth the cost. Churn among digital service customers is now persistently high. Result: a highly underutilized network.
A Ripe Marketplace Operators meanwhile are recognizing the true profit potential of a more enlightened approach to the IPG. If viewers can search for programs by type, genre and schedule, the network can target advertiser dollars much more precisely - and charge a premium. Executives such as Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, have identified voice recognition as a strategic technology.
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