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Enhanced Interactive Advertising:  eAds

Making Every Television Advertisement Better Than Online

What Is It? OneVideo's eAds solutions make every television advertisement clickable. A DoubleClick of the set-top box remote control changes the playing advertisement into an ad-specific menu of interactive options.  When finished, OneVideo eAds return the viewer to their show without missing any program content.  Want to bookmark an eAd for later reference, just OneClick the remote instead.
Who Is It For? eAds are for everyone.
  • Advertisers get higher yields from their ad spend.
  • Consumers get a much improved user experience from advertisements delivered on their existing televisions.
  • Networks, Cable operators, Satellite TV operators, and TelcoTVers earn service revenues from delivering much more effective advertisements with lower processing costs.
How Does It Work? eAds works by adding special-purpose service platforms, software, and service operations in-network, then connecting them to existing systems.  The existing systems are currently deployed by advertising agencies, their post-production vendors, network programmers, and delivery systems such as cable.  In all cases, the added technology products and existing systems remain compliant with industry
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