One Listener!

Say Goodbye To:

Messy On Screen Guides!

Confusing Program Lineups!

Runaway Remotes!

The Fatigue of Endless Scrolling!


Say Hello to:

Telling the guide to find your favorite program!

What you want, when you want it!

Freedom from the silly remote control!

More! Music, shopping, games. The works!


One Listener cuts through the clutter, gets rid of the gobbledegook! Just tell your television what you want, and it will do all the searching for you. It's easy: you don't have to know what channel it's on, what number to use, or what all these cryptic symbols mean!

One Listener you have a guide that does all the hard work! It recognizes your voice, and your commands. You never see the complicated stuff that makes the guide work. And who wants to, with 550 channels?

One Listener you get straight to what you want!

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