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VideoWeb's Total Cost of Ownership Advantage

A Reliable Family of Solutions

VideoWeb was designed from the bottom up to deliver reliability in the field while affording operators the most flexibility in deployment.  VideoWeb operational platforms can be physically deployed in centralized, decentralized and hybrid approaches.  Operations staff and controls can be more centralized or decentralized than the physical approach.  Similarly, information workflows supporting billing, maintenance, security can be more or less centralized than either the physical or operational models.

Widest, Single-System Scaling Experience VideoWeb uses carrier-grade, commercially available off-the-shelf systems for its runtime environment.  The same software image can scale (circa 2007 deliveries) from a single 100Mbps output channel to a multi-platform serviceplex comprised of hundreds of 20Gbps delivery channels.  Smaller platforms can be dispersed to campuses while the more dense hardware capacity is centralized within the network.  The largest single-system hardware configuration can deliver in excess of 200Gbps of MPEG-2 SPTS over optical guides to cable infrastructure elements such as Motorola's SEM v12.
Open Network, Multi-Service Architecture At its core, VideoWeb's Serviceplex technology is a network services framework.  It is extensible, both to add new features to predefined services (e.g., xVOD, gaming on demand) and to add new services.  The Serviceplex is layered to encourage carriers to develop as much in-house, buy-in or contract/outsource as they might desire.
Attractive Cost & Performance Curves Customers get the full benefit of using commercial technology by not having to support custom hardware vendors.  Commercial systems suppliers can spread the cost of innovation and manufacturing over markets and geographies much larger than just the communications sector.  VideoWeb takes advantage of this faster innovation cycle, the more granular increments of capacity in commercial product lines, and the availability of skilled programmers.  This combination minimizes costs.
World-class Service Organization Public Fortune 500 companies should not be hostage to sub-scale suppliers when one of that vendor's boxes breaks.  Holiday service calls, parts sparing, and disaster recovery all need the resources of billion dollar corporations to serve MSOs and telcos well.  OneVideo supports the direct engagement of these service providers to ensure customers get most responsive service experience no matter how rural or urban the setting.
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