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OneListener's Edge Advantage

The OneListener Solution

OneListener makes television viewing easier, more gratifying, and faster.  It gives viewers more control over what they watch and the consumer devices bringing entertainment and information to them.  Yet, OneListener is hands free and requires no programming.  Instead of finding a remote control or a keyboard, you speak towards the television.  It works by adding very advanced speech activation technologies to viewers' homes.  That ensures both privacy, accuracy, and speedy results.  And for service providers, OneListener imposes almost no work on the network.

Replaces the Remote Control Spoken commands mean there's no device to lose. With voice activation, physical dexterity and good vision are unimportant. And replacing the remote means an end to traversing long sequences of on-screen menus looking for what to watch.  OneListener responds to any one or thousands of requests without first having to learn where your show is on a menu.
One Control for All Devices No need to direct separate commands to a television, a set-top box, a VCR or DVD players, a PDR device, or anything else in the home theater setting.  OneListener controls all of these and more.
Flexible Searching With OneListener, the viewer can search in a wide range of ways: by genre, by network, even by the cast or the names of the characters. The software is able to read scheduling information in advance, telling the viewer when his program or a class of desired programs are on.  Unlike methods locked into one provider, edge-based voice activation can access a wide range of entertainment platforms.
An Intelligent Guide On-screen Interactive Program Guides are a baffling welter of stations, call letters, affiliates, titles, genres, channel numbers, and categories. Viewers don't care about this information; viewers want their entertainment.  OneListener keeps the complexity hidden, yet always available if requested.  And since OneListener understands the linkages between shows, viewers have it their way even when channel assignments change.
Slim Burden on the Network Each household with OneListener hosts everything needed to operate its own receiver and interpreter. As an edge device, OneListener technology imposes only a very slight burden on an existing network in the form of remote administration and maintenance.
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