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eAd's All Inclusive Advantage

The eAd Enhanced Advertising Solution

eAds makes every television advertisement and interactive ad.  Increadibly, eAds imposes almost no work on the agency, the post house, the network programmers, or delivery network operations.

Voice In Numbers eAds is the only solution promising to get viewers in the habit of interacting with television.  Since viewers expect every eAd to be interactive, advertisers don't waste time messaging "push the button"
Less Work Is Better eAds transforms broadcast advertisements into interactive advertisements post-post production.  That means every ad made without expensive custom crafting still gets the benefits of interactive ad deliveries
Flexible Ad Pods Keep Program In Viewer Time Other interactive advertising systems take time.  So does eAds; but OneVideo returns viewers to the program they were watching at the source-time when they clicked-through to the advertiser's message.  No in-home or in-network DVR required.
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