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Interactive Consumer Entertainment
  1. Hands-Free Search

    • Entertainment Content Selection: television IPG, DVR, personal audio players

    • Internet Information of Interest

  2. Enhanced Advertising

    • OneClick, TwoClick: Click-through linear ads

    • FlexiAds: Viewer-controlled pod sizes

    • Postcast Browsing: bookmarking, playback on-demand, multi-network (e.g., TV, PC, Mobile) access

  3. Voice-Activated Tuning

    • Channel Brand Tuning: station numbers, call letters, station name, brand-names of network affiliations

    • Content Class Tuning: genre classification names

    • Content Brand Tuning: program and franchise names

    • Advertiser-Directed Tuning

  4. Interactive Television Commerce

    • Interactive Catalogue Browsing

    • Voice-authenticated purchase transactions

  5. Video/Rich Media On-Demand

  6. Device Control & Service Configuration

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